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International Development Communities Jobs is a multi-purpose recruitment Jobboard that connects employers, jobseekers and professionals in the International Dveeloment Sector.

International Development Communities attracts thousands of visitors per day. These visitors are professionals, employers, jobseekers, freelancers and services providers who are very much involved in the International development sector.

Posting your job opening on International Development Communities Jobs a sure guarantee that your job will reach highly qualified professionals in the sector.

International Development Communities Jobs is operated by IDC International Development Communities owners of International Development Communities which is a global community of International Development Professionals and organizations.


  • Register and sign-up online for Memberships, Job packages, job postings or resume database access
  • Quick Employer registration using email and password 
  • Setup multiple registration accounts for colleagues 
  • Option of including company profile and logo.
  • New Account Notification - an email message is sent to them as auto responder with username and password
  • Retrieve passwords by automated email
  • Update profile at any time
  • Resume Manager Inbox - Option to save and delete resumes
  • Applicant Tracking - employers to track, qualify and rate the hiring status of candidates
  • Send Interview Request
  • Search resumes by location, categories, company, location, experience and keywords
  • Filter search results
  • Email a specific resume to a friend
  • The option of displaying resume details in a 'printer friendly format'
  • Add, edit and delete jobs from their accounts
  • Activate or deactivate jobs
  • View list of active jobs, expired Jobs, deleted Jobs
  • The Preview Job Posting option allows you to validate a job posting to check for improper input, misspellings, or unacceptable content before the job goes "live"
  • Applicant Screening - ability for employers to create questions to job postings for applicants to respond when applying to a job
  • Job Statistic, Order History and Activity Report
  • View number of clickthroughs and applications job has received
  • Auto-response email to a job posting
  • Automatically receive automated emails notifying of expiring jobs or membership to renew online
  • Add, Edit, Activate or Delete Resume Search Agent
  • Search agents will automatically send resumes that match user specified criteria via email daily 
  •  Newsletter - Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list 
  •  Get a SEO friendly URL of your job link so that it can be indexed by all major search engines
  • Add contact list or database of people & companies


  • Search jobs by location, category, & company
  • Advanced job search with keywords, location, job category, experience, recently posted like (one week, two weeks) and US Zip code search. 
  •  Filter search results.
  •  View the profile of any company in the jobsite that has details posted. 
  •  View all jobs by a specific employer.
  •  Quick Jobseeker registration using email and password. 
  •  New Account Notification - an email message is sent to them as auto responder with username and password.
  •  Retrieve passwords by automated email. 
  •  Update profile at any time.
  •  Submit resume to any employer with one click. 
  •  View list of a applications jobs applied for.
  •  Email a specific job to a friend. 
  •  Print a specific job details.
  • Have Multiple Resumes - Private/Public/Confidential Resumes. 
  •  View / Edit / Copy / Delete / Send / Print / Duplicate resume.
  •  Hide contact information.
  • Make resume searchable or un searchable.
  •  Post resume quickly into the system i.e.cut and paste or direct upload PDF, doc etc.
  • Resume Builder using a step-by-step resume-building wizard
  • Add multiple list of qualification and experience, skills and language known
  • Submit Photo
  • Add Cover Letter
  • View dates of resume - Created On & Last Updated.
  • Newsletter - Subscribe or Unsubscribe to opt-in mail list. 
  •  Add Jobs to Inbox for later viewing
  • View how often interested employers viewed the resume
  • Get Automated Job Application Response
  • Add, Edit, Delete Job Search Agent.
  • Job alerts will automatically send jobs that match user specified criteria via email daily
  • Mail from employer regarding Interview
  • Add contact list or database of people & companies



Applicant tracking system tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting through to candidate screening, selection, sending offer letter and hiring.

Requirement gathering

HR department or the recruiter in your company can create a profile & register in the system. Recruiters can then login and post jobs through a simple form. The entire process is automated and online.

Online job posting

The application automatically posts the job requirements on your website. All the details of the job profile along with location, job category, salary, company information etc are made visible for the candidates.

Job application

Candidates who visit the website can apply for the job with a single click for the selected job opening. Applicants can post resume and apply online.

Resume processing

The system formats and stores resumes in the database. It gives immediate information on candidate resume, application history and referrals.

Resume screening and extraction

Our applicant tracking system can perform advance search and automatically match the resumes with the job requirements and lists the candidates based on their qualifications, experience, location, and skills.

Edit applicant round and current status

The employer can change the applicant current status/round to Screening / Telephone / Interview / Skill check / Background check / Reference check. The current status can be revised by changing the drop down to: New, In-Process, Rejected, Approved.

Continuous candidate tracking

The applicant tracking system tracks the candidate throughout the recruitment lifecycle. Starting from pre-screening, telephone round, technical round, reference checks, job offer, offer acceptance, to joining.

Automated correspondence

After short-listing, the application sends out emails to the selected candidates to take the communication to the next level. The recruiter can manage the formats of this correspondence, offer letter or interview call letters.


Shows a consolidated bar chart and date wise status of Screening / Telephone / Interview / Skill check / Background check / Reference check in various rounds – New, In Process, Rejected & Approved. The ATS enables the hiring managers to manage the recruitment process online. They can manage each stage of the process mentioned above and monitor continuously to assess different stages of recruitment.


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